A Route to Happiness #14 – Dream

Happiness dream

 All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.

-Walt Disney

A Route to Happiness #14 – Dream


Life is a little more exciting when we have things to look forward to.

When we purposefully build our days to create whatever it is we want in our lives.

When we know we are moving forward and our dreams are moving with us.

When the windows of life get bigger and we can see what we are about to become.


We are all different and only you can choose your dreams.

But whatever they are, they can change the way you see life.

They create the outer reflection of the smile on your heart.

They make life more than just the day to day.

They make life the what will be.

Life becomes an Adventure.


When we dream we begin to take control of life.

We start making decisions instead of just reacting to things.

We challenge ourselves to do what we should to get there.

We no longer just drift from day to day but, we have a direction.

We start to do all the little things to build the big ones.

Our days begin to almost plan themselves and each day we are fully aware of the adventure.


One step at a time.

In pursuit of any dream just take it step by step.

I have often made the mistake of writing out twenty or fifty things to do on a road to an accomplishment.

But it’s not about the fifty steps.

It’s only about the next one.

The one phone call, the one chapter in the next book or just putting on your shoes in the pursuit of exercise.

Each step says something.

It reminds you of your commitment and strengthens your resolve.

Don’t think too far ahead as this can get you overwhelmed.

Keep moving forward just one step at a time.



One dream or multiple dreams?

I think all of us have multiple dreams.

I remember thinking I didn’t have any at one point in my life.

But I just kept thinking and like a river they all came rushing back.

The monotony of life can easily make the dreams we once had barely even memories.

Just keep thinking about them and you will see that they are still there.

It may help to segment your life into smaller parts like your health, relationships and so forth.

This will help you focus and find your dreams more simply.

These days I have a list of about forty dreams I would like to fulfill.

But I am not worried about all of them.

I am only concerned with the current one.

When I finish that I can then work on the next one.

Just one at a time my friend.

It truly is the simplest way.

Choose the one that excites you the most.

The one that if done will make a significant impact in your life.

Don’t even stress about how you might do it.

In the pursuit of our dreams life has a funny way of opening the doors to get there.


The first step.

Sometimes the first step is the hardest.

It’s not because we can’t think of things we should do but because we just haven’t taken any steps in a long time.

But all of us can change on any given day.

Make this your day to dream.

Your day to be like a kid again.

Your day to say you know what, this is what I am going to do.

Even if it takes ten years, I will get there.

I know that is a long time.

But, I also think we both know if we take the first step and then small steps daily, it will probably be a lot less than ten years before you arrive.

It’s all about the first step and the momentum it can build.


Tip: Find your one dream to work on.

Step one: Get a piece of paper and write down one dream you have in one sentence.

Step two: Then write down the result you would like to accomplish.

Step three: The last step is to write down the next step you could do to get there.

That’s it.

Just doing this little exercise will make you feel more in control.

Try it.

Repeat step three as necessary each time you finish a step or when a good idea pops into your mind.

Keep dreaming and keep on doing that next step.

You will arrive before you know it.


Remember to enjoy every step along the way.

Life and dreams are a collection of moments and memories.

Each one as special as the one before it.

Don’t get too caught up in where and when you will arrive at your destination.

The beauty is in each day you dream with your eyes open.



  • Again you managed to write a very recognizable post Burton, congrats!

    I think, if a dream keeps coming back and back again, it is meant to be for you..As you describe, a dream can give you the encouragement to make the best out of your every day life.
    It reminds me about my dream to go abroad when the kids will have left home…and your advise to look at my daily life as steps in reaching that dream. Now I started to look at my daily life like that, ordinary tasks get a special purpose, a higher goal. It is a way to not get soaked into the rush of the day, to not only stick to the here and now but look beyond daily life. For me, to start to look this way made me feel cheerful and powerful, my job brings me even more fun, which makes daily life even more enjoyable.

    The determination of reaching a dream and believing in it has to grow. It is the power of our mind which can unleash this determination or hold us back. Just believe in your own strength and capability…Your three step plan is a great exercise to work on your dream and make it feel reachable!

    And finally, I want to share another quote of Elisabeth Kubler Ross:

    Live in a way like when you look back, you don’t have to regret that you have wasted your life.
    Live in a way like you don’t regret about things you did or wished you had done differently.
    Live your life with honesty and dedication.

    • Thank you for the compliment on the post. I liked that you mentioned that dreams continue to come back again and again. They do have a funny way of continuing to knock on the door until we answer it. They seem to never go away but the less we act on them the more we seem to tell ourselves we will never do it. I once thought what if I acted on every instinct I got in regards to following my dreams. I haven’t tried it but I have a feeling that those instincts are there for a reason and maybe I should follow them more often.

      I also agree that the determination of reaching a dream makes the dream grow. When we start to take a few steps most of the time we find more. Other times we start to doubt ourselves and our capabilities. This is why I suggest not looking too far into the future. Just take the next step and perform the next action. It helps to strengthen our resolve and keeps us focused instead of the mental games that will inevitably come up.

      Lastly thanks for sharing the quote. I enjoyed it. Thank you again for being an active participant. It means a lot to me.

  • Hey Burton!

    I have too many dreams buddy, I don’t think there’s enough time in the year for me to accomplish them all!! I love doing lots of different things so I try to play a balancing act with all of them.. :P A few years ago I realized I really wanted to become a DJ and granted, I’m a bit late in the game being almost 25 at the time; I said I will try! I took a self-exploration trip to Florida for a few months and obtained an internship when I returned home, while it didn’t work out I realized what I did NOT want. I now just want to master the skill for my own hobby and gratification (and will be buying decks next year).

    The first step was recognizing it and after that was finding the first step to achieve it. Sometimes you think you want something but when you see what its really like, it’s not for you. That lifestyle was not what I wanted since I am a mom and someone who enjoys (err requires) sleep. :) I think realizing your dream can sometimes be scary when you realize what you have to do and give up in order to reach that dream.. but baby steps. :) Writing it down first is a great first step, then take a breath and dive!

    Happy Hump Day!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your DJ story. I admire you for seeing it through and taking the time to see if you liked it. I think its great that when we pursue the things that interest us it gives us clarity as to what we do want. For example your DJ thing probably gave you a better perspective on the type of job/career/lifestyle you do want. I also think it is cool that you found a hobby that you love.

      Yes, going for your dreams can be a little scary. We realize all the things we will have to do, give up and so forth to get there. It can certainly test our commitment. I do believe that if we want it bad enough and it is something that truly interests us than all those things aren’t as significant. Like you said, one step at a time, write it down and take a breath and dive.

  • It is about finding balance in my opinion Burton, I think…if we would reach for every dream or instinct once appears, we will drive ourselves mad… life is about following dreams, but also about making choices…
    In the same time, I also believe dreams or instincts or wishes do come with a higher reason…it is about the wish- car issue…we all desire something else, but how come? This reminds me of a beautiful Dutch song of the musical Joe, it is called ´Inspiratie´. I will share the link and try to translate it, when I do have time for it…

    I have experienced a lot of times, something seemed right or wise to do at a time, but I didn´t do it, because I didn´t had the internal motivation or desire or feeling to do so. At that moment, I didn´t understand why I didn´t, because my mind thought it would be the right thing to do…Afterwards, the reason why I didn´t always was shown to me…something better came on my path for example….I can´t remember an example for now, but I think you understand and maybe recognize…


    • I absolutely agree that it is about finding balance between all parts of our lives. Life is a wonderful challenge if you choose it to be. Some people just let things happen but for those of us who want to create something it can be a whole lot different. And when we want to create something we often get lost in what to do and where to spend our time. The first part is creating that time. The time to focus daily on what we want. The next part is to decide what to focus on. We don’t always make the right decisions but whatever we do we can always learn from it.

      Thanks for translating the song by the way. I am glad you did as I and others may find a lot of wisdom in it. I liked your example about not doing anything. How sometimes we get a spark but if we don’t take it, maybe the next spark is better. I have had that experience with choosing not to take certain jobs in my career path. Till this day I have never had a job I didn’t love.

      Great points and thanks for sharing.

  • As promised, the translation of http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bVb0lAw5ZyE.

    This is one of my most favorite songs….Hope can follow along! Enjoy!


    How is an idea ever created?
    Can such a thought arise?
    Where does this clear moment,
    this insight come from?
    It is due to us,
    sentence by sentence
    we gave those words in,
    we whispered them to you…

    How did you ever get an idea?
    Have you ever wonder?
    It was the voice of one of us,
    who gave this insight to you,
    the voice of one of us
    Invisible on your side
    so you listened

    you called it inspiration
    breath of the spirit
    but we are, have always been here

    this is how a child gets an idea,
    find the man what he is looking for,
    the way the mortal becomes a hero
    and how progresses are formed…
    it came from someone here
    in this way the man reaches their higher level…

    you called it inspiration
    breath of the spirit
    but we are, have always been here

    Call it inspiration
    So we are called most
    and it is,
    the blown breath
    of the spirit.

    Of the spirit …

    • Thank you for sharing this. A very interesting read.

  • Hi Burton

    Thanks for this great article !

    All the tips are useful and easy for applying in real life.


    • Thank you Aimee. I am glad you enjoyed it and more importantly find it applicable to real life. Thanks.

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