More Special Than You Know

you are more special than you know

 Be faithful to that which exists within yourself.
-Andre Gide

More Special Than You Know


I had just finished yoga class and made my way over to the bar to converse with some friends.

I don’t like to drink and besides my yoga teacher was nice enough to give me some tea to take with me from China.

Sitting at the bar I had asked my friend about a recent date she had been on.

She said it was good, they talked about life and some other things.

She said, there isn’t much to say about my life and my story could be told in just a few hours.

I didn’t take the opportunity to say what I am about to say.

But in short, this is a truly special person and in hindsight I know she knows it.

We should all know it, but sometimes our uniqueness eludes us.

Here is a short reminder about how special we all are.


Even in the movies boring stories are made exciting.

Some tend to go like this.

A person studying or wanting to become something.

Challenges arise and the difficulty presents itself.

Usually the person triumphs, facing adversity and beating it.

Other times they don’t, but make significant discoveries along the way.

The ending leaves us with a smile, although expected.

This fictional story sounds a lot like what we all deal with.

Yes, the movies add music and little more drama, but is it really that different?

Our lives exciting or mundane are filled with a lot of wonder and experiences.

They become our own and we don’t need to paint them any differently than what they are to convey why they make us special.

It’s your story and it’s special because no one else lived it but you.


Our story is not only the one we tell people.

They are the stories that the people fortunate enough to spend time with us get to learn about as the relationship grows.

I have a feeling we are still learning about our significant others, our children and the like.

People can say whatever they want about their lives.

The truth is often relayed in our experience of that person.

It’s what we learn about as we go.

Your story is still being written and you best believe people are watching.

The notebook of our lives is never filled until we die.

The ending of it may just be the most beautiful part, it just depends on what you decide to write.


Your future story can be anything you want.

Exciting or dull.

Beautiful or wretched.

It’s all up to you.

The people you know now and may go on a date with are not only hearing your story of the past, but they are potential front row candidates for what you will become.

Don’t forget that.

That no matter what it has been up to this point, it’s always changing.

I guess it just depends if they will be there when you spread your wings.

And if they will be able to see past whatever may blind them as you soar.

Flying or walking, it truly is a story that has never been written.


All of us are special.

We have unique experiences that ninety percent of the world has not experienced.

You are special, you are the only one who has written and will continue to write your story.

You are also the one who need to see what’s amazing about it.

And decide that hey, this is quite a story and any man or woman that’s across from me is fortunate enough to hear it.

And with time you will hear and see their story too.

Just keep writing and please know your story is beautiful.



  • Hey Burton!

    Of course I’m not shy to be the first to leave a comment :P This was a great read today, I feel awful (sick as a dog, thanks Fall!) and as a new blogger i’m still trying to figure out how to convey my messages and do it in a way that reflects me. Sometimes you see what others bring to the table and think “can I bring something nearly as good?” err “Do I have anything to bring?” Things take time and sometimes you just have to be reminded that you can bring something special if you just take the time to nurture and cultivate it. Whatever “it” is. Patience is a virtue, which I am still waiting to acquire. :)

    Thank you for your words Burton and have a great one!

    • Iva,

      Thank you again for your comment and participation. I felt the same way and the more I look around at other blogs I notice what you are talking about. There is a lot of great stuff out there. When I started this blog I wanted to talk about goal setting, staying focused and achievement sort of stuff. However, there is a lot of noise in that arena. A lot of people blog about that stuff and while they have different ideas many of them are good. I realized that we are all different. What works for some may not work for others and I didn’t want to compete so much as make something unique. Still working on that. These days I am creating this blog as a place for people to come to get some inspiration and different ideas about looking at life. One of the most important things I did when starting out was to think about why this blog is different. It has been a wild ride. But I will say you will find your audience. There are so many opportunities to connect with people. From reading your first post I would say that no other blog uses references as well as you did. You made your point and backed it up. Maybe that is what makes you different. The amount of research you bring to the table. And more importantly who you are. Just let the best of you come out and don’t worry too much about it. You are the only one who can share your opinion and feelings on things. Others will agree with you and some wont. But its hard to disagree with the way someone feels. Just share what you have for now and you will continue to find your voice more and more. I will be checking in from time to time and look forward to sharing in your adventure.

      Thanks again.

      Talk soon,

      • Thank you Burton for your words and support :) It’s nice to have in a world I am so unfamiliar with and new to. I know in time it will all make sense. Thank you for noticing the references, I honestly did spend some time remember my APA format for that. I have done a bit of research in the past for school and loved every minute of it. I have noticed I spend a lot of time finding valid resources and articles to gain a more thorough understanding of things. I feel the same in that I don’t want to compete I just want to find my “voice” and see how I can convey it properly, it’s especially difficult when I am hardest on myself. I have certainly been coming to your blog recently for inspiration so kudos on that! :)

        Have a great day!

        • Thanks, your comment and the part about the inspiration means a lot. I liked that you mentioned you loved to do the research in the past for school papers. I really think besides your voice that alone can be what separates you from all the other blogs out there. It can also get really exciting for you. Here is an idea. You could research what other people are talking about in the news on social networks about topics that interest you. Then you could use that research to help validate your point or maybe you have a different opinion. I think people would love that. Not only is it a place discussing popular subjects but here is someone that does the research and shares her own opinion.

          I also understand being hard on yourself. I am that way too. I think it can be a good thing at times. But I tend to write better when I am not being hard on myself. If I find myself reading what I wrote over and over it is usually a bad sign. Anyways, in this case I would say that you are already on your way. You are searching and you will find answers. When you start learning about blogging you will see everyone has an opinion. Do this, no do this. blah blah blah. Just do what feels right to you. Besides, most peoples advice will have you working an inordinate amount of hours. Seriously you cant do it all.

          Lastly, I am truly here to help. If you have questions about anything let me know.

  • Beautiful written again Burton…it takes some time for me to get it completely, to let it ´land inside´. But on the first sight, for me it is about you are the only one who can write your story of life as well as you are the only one who knows the whole story of your life…

    All other people can hear or see a little bit about it, like the pieces of a puzzle, but those pieces always will be colored. Colored by the way you look at yourself and how you value your life or value yourself, because that is what you will be showing or telling. Colored by what you do share and what you do not tell. Colored by the interpretation and reference of the one who sees a bit of the painting.

    On the other hand, there will also be things other people know about you, but you don´t see yourself or just are not aware of. To give you an example, when I did an internship on a school for mentally disabled kids (like 100 lyrs ago LOL), the teacher gave me feedback and told me, the atmosphere in the classroom was changing enormously when I came in by spreading a kind of warmth (his words, not mine, just quoting here…). I really didn´t know I had that kind of effect….But because he made me aware of it, I was able to paint it on my canvas….

    I also think, that like in the movies, in fact we all do add a little drama or music to our lives as well. You know, the juice we talked about…to make life more interesting. Whether it is in playing games, hanging out with friends, enjoy music or a good book, the list of juicy life things is endless and those things make our life both interesting as worth living…to my kids, I call it ´making memories´…

    And because I am not sure if all people know how special they are, I try to be friendly and positive and give compliments as often as possible…so they can paint it on their canvasses!

    I think I need some time for more consideration about it, might come back…!

    Thank you for again giving such a beautiful post…keep on going!


    • Desiree,

      So well said. I just wanted to thank you for continuing to inspire me and others through your comments. I like the list you made about adding juice to our lives. I think we all have them but we let life get in the way. Sometimes we neglect to plan and create those memories you spoke of. It’s important some great memories just happen but many are ones we deliberately create.

      Thank you also for taking the time to like the site on Facebook. I tried to send a message to express my gratitude but had trouble doing so. Lastly, thanks for the reminder about people who see us more than ourselves. Some people see the good in us and in doing so can change the direction of our lives. When I was you I had a few teachers and coaches do that for me and it made a world of difference. I guess it helped me decide what type of painting I was going to paint.

      Thanks again friend,

      • Hi Iva,

        Where do I find your blog? Made me curious! I think, as long as you write about something you´re passionate about, it will show to the reader…-just keep swimming!- And agreed with Burton´s advice, just be you!


        • Just in case Iva missed this her blog is at:

          Now the Kr at the end may just be because I am in Korea.

          Also try

          I remember the first few people that supported me when I was starting out and it made a huge difference. I am sure she will really appreciate it. Thanks Desiree.

      • Hi Burton,
        I know by experience, it is such a waste of time if you let slip precious time through your fingers like sand. The only one to turn this process the other way around, is you…! Of course, you can be inspired by others or they can push you beyond a certain point or encourage you, but in the end you have to make to first step on the path of change yourself…At the same time you do need other people to guide you, to give you feedback or to hold a mirror in front of you…

        Again, Burton, thank yóu for making me think about these significant subjects and for challenging me to give words to my thoughts and opinions and for appreciating it so much…

        CU soon! Desiree

        • I appreciate your comments more than you know. Not only do they give me good ideas but it’s always great to have another perspective. This is what helps give me the juice of life we talked about. I truly can’t thank you enough.

          Well said once again by the way, The only one to turn the process the other way around is you. Its funny that when we start to others show up, most of the time those are the people that will help. Just ones step at a time my friend.

          Thanks again and talk soon,

  • Do you know what is so funny Burton? All the things I write in my comments, I already knew, it is in a way my life vision. But by writing it down, giving words to it, I become so much more aware of it! And that reflects already in the way I react on people or in situations…

    Last years I have been wondering about my own spiritual development…wondering if I am a spiritual person or not, wondering if I should connect to a particular religion or stream…do you know that feeling?
    However, although our conversations are not about religions, in my eyes just very down to earth, it has it´s reflection on my spiritual search….Maybe this sounds vague or obscure, I´ll try to explain it (also to myself…LOL)…I think the main issue for me related to this question or assertion is, I am discovering that, although I believe there is a God, a Creator, I think I do not want to get involved to a certain religion. Because that will also mean, I will have to stick to the man-made rules belonging to it. I want to be a free spirit, allowing myself to pick different lessons from different religions, to practice those lessons which speak to me, not limiting myself. I also believe in the power of men and in the responsibility we do have for ourselves and the people around us. I do want to judge myself whether or not I am a good human being, not live in fear whether or not I will go to heaven or hell and act out of that fear. Our conversation gives me tools to live in a way I judge as ´right´. I think that is the connection between my spiritual development and this website…Pffff, can you help me out of it? Do you understand it a little? I don´t get it myself completely, but it is a process and I keep swimming!

    Ttys! Desiree

    • It seems we have similar thoughts on this. I know religion is a touchy subject but I also know how I feel about it so this is what I think and I hope it answers your question. I feel that there is a God or something greater than us. The argument I give to myself is just to look at our bodies. All the cells, the brain the multitude of functions it performs at any given second is pretty amazing. Also just look at nature. There is so much wonder within it. The way the seasons turn on a dime the way the sun sets and rises, the way it works in synchronicity to make everything happen the way it does. Once again it’s all pretty amazing. Because humans have not been able to come close to duplicating any of these processes, whether that be the human body or creating something that orchestrates itself as well as the planets and the universe I feel there must be something greater at work.

      In regards to religion I have found one commonality amongst them all. They all believe in faith. Faith in something. I have read about and studied all of the world religions both in University and in my spare time. I have found them all to have great wisdom and knowledge one could use to make their lives better. In my experience whatever we find that can help us be a better person is useful. It doesn’t matter if we are part of one religion and it comes from another. To me it matters if it helps me and resonates with my beliefs and feelings. So I also have found that utilizing wisdom from all religions to work best for me. I respect all people and their beliefs and feel that no matter what they believe so long as it gives juice to their life than that is a great thing.

      I think you hit the nail on the head when you said to live in a way that I judge is right. I think that is all that matters. If you feel something is right for you than follow that. Make your life your own and so long as you dont hurt anyone else I dont see anything wrong with that. I hope I helped answer any questions you may have had. Please let me know if I missed something.

      Best Regards on your search,

  • Thank you so so much Burton for this comment, I am really touched by it, if you talk about resonating to me, this does, defenitely… I couldn’t have written it down any better and I totally agree with every sentence (except I didn´t study as much about it as you did).

    Besides all above, I do also feel something else related to faith. I truly belief, the One that created each and everything, is also watching over us and guides us. Like a child beliefs in Santa, a kind of knowing without evidence, I do belief this. To me it doesn’t matter if that One is called God, Allah, the Creator, Jaweh or maybe something else…

    This also includes to me, I know I will meet my loved ones who passed away before I do, again after my staying at this beautiful planet. And although I am not wishing in any way to leave planet Earth yet, it is a kind of comforting and soothing thought…

    I also feel, that the power that men drives comes from an energy that is given by that Creator (I think I love this ´term´ the most because to me, it says it all…), so is the talents we have gotten…

    You know, sometimes (often) a quote or something I read is very inspiring to me and I want to practice it. Sometimes I do, sometimes not, but that is okay. What I like to point out, is that most of the times I read such a quote, I really do not know where it had come from…which religion or stream. And besides I am curious to know about it, I really do not care! Btw, if you want to know about what kind of quotes ´do´ it for me, please check my Pinterest board,

    One word I would like to say about the touchy-ness of talking about religions and faith…Although I am aware of it, I think it does not have to be that fragile, as long as people try to respect each other. I think that is also one of the things I dislike of religions, all the troubles it had caused and still causes in all times, all around the globe…Live and let live…And because I do see it this way, I want and will write about this subject freely…

    So coming, to your question if you´ve missed something. I can´t answer it for you, maybe your post is the sum of total for you. For me, I had a few details to add, but the main line of your careful written answer is totally the same as my vision…

    Thank you again, it means a lot to me…

    • Your welcome Desiree. It is nice to have a conversation about this subject without any hardship. In my experience sometimes beliefs draw a line in the sand and it is hard for either party to even contemplate the other side. Maybe the one thing we can all agree on is faith or that we are all meant to love each other or something that unites us and blurs that line in the sand.

      I will definetly check out your pinterest board asap. I am always looking for great quotes so thanks. Yes I agree we all run into quotes or sayings that motivate us for a time and then they get away from us. I guess it’s just about finding the next one that resonates with us. I will always remember my favorite quote from childhood and it will always stick with me. Life’s battle dont always go to the stronger or faster man, the one who wins is the one who thinks he can.

      Till next time and thank you,

  • Yes, you are right, it is easier to talk about it than dealing with it when you feel threatened concerning to your faith in a way. I think I sounded too idealistic…I once visited Antwerp in Belgium, it is a place where many Jews live, you see them everywhere in the streets, but they do not really connect to everybody else, like a smile when passing by a ´stranger´, some do not even look at ´non-Jews´. I found it fascinating, that separate community in the city´s community. Then I found this book, the Jews in Antwerp, and it made so much sense to me, I completely understood their way of living (well, of course not everything about it, but as far as living amongst others I think I get the point at least partly). It has something to do with the fact they are spread out all over the world (there is a term, do not remember at the moment), without having a safe place to stay. They feel, to let their Faith and religion exist, it should not be mixed with other religions, because if they do share, it will fade out. Knowing this point of view made it so much easier to understand what I saw in Antwerp…And to remain their religion, they feel the need to practice it quit strictly, so no habits or rules will be forgotten. In a way this is the same how for example immigrated Moslim people practice their religion sometimes more strictly then the people living in ´Moslim countries´.

    Oh, that is a beautiful quote Burton! Thanks for sharing!


    • Very interesting. Another unique religion is Jainism. Look it up if you have time. You know, after reading what you wrote about the Jews in Antwerp I think, thats great. I think we all need to choose how we want to be and if it is right for us than it is right for us. I also think it is when we go against what is right for us that is when problems arise internally. So as far them and anyone else, if it makes you happy then so be it. So long as we are not hurting anyone.

      I am glad you liked the quote. Please feel free to share any of your favorites whenever you want. Hope all is better than well. Thanks again for all your contributions. You are awesome.


  • Haven´t heard of Jainism ever, will look it up definitely when I have a little bit more time…so I can pay full attention to it.

    Talking about quotes….
    Lately I was looking for a quote of Elizabeth Kubler Ross. I get to know her theories about the stages of grief many years ago. Very understandable and uniform to anyone who has to learn to deal with a big loss….Shortly said, there are five stages of grief to go through, to be able to accept a loss, like loosing someone you love or hearing the news you or a loved one suffers from a incurable disease which are denial, anger, negotiate, depression and acceptance. We go through all these stages, sometimes go back or jump over one, but in the end we will live through each stage to be able to accept the los..

    Anyway, about the quote I read a few years ago in a Dutch magazine, called Happinezz…I did cut it out, posted it to my collage on my toilet door, but it somehow disappeared….So I mailed the redaction if they wanted to give me the quote and surprise surprise…instead of just doing that, they replied the whole article. I was so happy with it! Of course I responded to thank them. And I felt free to mention your website, maybe they will call it in their magazine of take a look for inspiration. I hope you don´t mind?

    Btw, literally translated, this is the quote:

    —The best care a doctor can give to his patients,
    is to be a good, caring, sensitive, loving human being.—

    To me, this is where it is all about in practicing my profession…


    • Thank you so much for helping to spread the word about this website. I do not mind at all and I cannot express my gratitude enough. Another great quote thanks for sharing. It reminds me of any form of leadership or working with other people. If we can understand them, we can be more sensitive to their situation, learn to care in a way that is appropriate for them and ultimately love them. I know I have said it before but I am grateful there are people like you in the medical field. I am sure you are and continue to make a difference to the patients you work with. Even if it does not feel that way everyday.

      I learned about those five stages of grief when I was younger. But unfortunately I didn’t pay attention as much as I should have until I got a little older. Thank you for sharing. You are more special than you know. Thanks Desiree.

  • Yes, I also replace the word docor for any profession in healthcare…To me it is all about being an human being in relationship with another human being….

    And well, about making the difference…I send you a PM on FB about I didn´t felt that rewarded today. Not by my clients or my colleagues, because they do and show it to me in several ways….but by the higher management…

    When I learned about the stages of grieve, it was a big matter in my personal life, cause my father died just a few weeks before. That made me paying attention to it….

    Thanx Burton….your latest sentence mean a lot, especially today….

    • I think our entire lives are about relationships. However in the medical field it is magnified tenfold. In regards to management please know that it is everyone’s job to be a solution for their boss. That’s why it is important to know and do all the little things. If you separate yourself by having a vast knowledge and more skills than the other people on your team, this will make you more valuable. In my jobs I would always think what if the company would cut half of the jobs here. Would they keep me? If I said no, I would quickly learn new things and do more things to make myself more valuable. We can’t always control what others do but we can control what we do. Sorry for the rant. Thanks for the heartfelt comment.

  • Hmm, this is an interesting way of looking at it, to see myself more like a selling product…thanx Burton! I’ll think about ways to improve myself in a way it is valuable for the organization…and because that will mean: how can they make more money out of me, the big challenge will be to find a way it will also be a improvement in my relationships with my clients… not only us, the workers in the field, are money making pawns, the clients are as well….You know, I am such a process / relationship-focused type of nurse and ’cause processes take time and time is money…maybe here is the space to improve….be more efficient….hmm, gotta think about it…keep moving forward! I do not know if it will help, because the Dutch system when it comes to reorganizations, mostly is based on: last in – first out principle…but it will at least give them a reason to think about me a second time…
    And you were not rambling, if that is what you mean by ‘the rant’.


    • Glad to see you already have some good ideas. I have worked in a few different restaurants and I have made a point to learn all facets of the ones I have worked in. From serving, to food running, to being a bus boy and even some marketing. Most employees only did one job. But I chose to learn them all so that this way I could become more valuable. It worked and I am sure that I could return to any one of those restaurants if I chose to do so. Anyways, that is just one example from my own experience. I hope it helped. Have a great day.

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