Starting Over From Your Heart.

starting over from your heart
The way is not in the sky. The way is in the heart.

Starting Over From Your Heart


Sometimes the seemingly worst situations are the best.

The job we just lost or the significant other that is now no longer significant.

These things when happening are horrible.

When we are caught up in the storms of life it is easy not to see the sun on the other side of the world.

But most often when the storms subside we see these things as a blessing in disguise.

We get a new start we may not be ready for, but with a renewed focus and a willingness to move on, we often find things that are so much better.

Challenges give us the opportunity to start again with new wisdom.

Listening to my heart has brought me to unexpected places, skills I never thought I’d have and relationships I wouldn’t trade for the world.

But I know it is difficult to do.

Remember every challenge makes you stronger than you were before.

Each challenge creates experience and experience is real wisdom.

Here are some thoughts about listening to our hearts and starting anew.


The best place to start is within our own hearts.

It’s below and behind our eyes that most of life’s answers are found.

Books are great starting points but it is our own common sense and knowledge of ourselves that will give us the best answers for us.

Besides, read enough books on any subject and you will soon find they contradict each other.

For example, if you read about health you will see that many doctors and authors recommend many different ways to lose weight.

The one that is right is the one that makes sense to you.

Take those answers you feel are right and make time to act on them.

Don’t let your mind and the perceived difficulty cloud the messages your heart will give you.

You know you are being clouded when your heart tells you the same things over and over but yet you fail to listen.

Sometimes listening is as simple as writing something down, where you will remember it and making time to act on it in the near future, if not now.

Take one step at a time and although the first step is the hardest, your heart will guide you even if you step back.

Start by taking the time to listen.


Let your heart be heard.

Find ways to let your expressions of your heart out.

That could be contributing to those in need or creating something.

The things we choose to do don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

It’s the little things that can make a big difference.

From writing a song or spending more time with your children.

Listen to it and act courageously in your pursuits.

A new start is your chance to do just that.


Let your heart grow.

Finding things you love by listening to your heart will guide you to more things you love.

As you find more things you love your heart grows.

It speaks louder because it knows it has ears that are listening.

It then becomes a better guide.

One thing will lead to the next and eventually life becomes filled with all that you love.

It takes time I know. but the instincts and messages we all get are there for a reason.

Try your best to listen to them and know they will continue to guide you.


Our hearts want to be loved.

Our hearts speak to us for a reason.

I think that reason is because there is something out there for all of us that will help us to find more fulfillment.

Our lives may be good or bad but the truth is they can always be made better.

It’s those little things, I mentioned earlier that stack upon each other.

To love our hearts or any other person we just need to listen and do what is in their best interests.

Starting over may just be the best place for you to be.

It’s a chance to start from the inside out.

From one of the best sources of love and inspiration we all have, our own hearts.



  • Burton! So glad that you’ve returned! Taking a break I see? I agree you should follow your heard and always remember that your life can always be worse too! I think that has helped me be more humble and appreciative towards the little things; someone out there is struggling way more than I am and experiencing some form of pain that I am not so be grateful for the things you have and for your life. Oh – I am revamping my website I hope when it is done you will come check it out! :) Have a wonderful weekend! -Iva

    • Hey Iva. Happy to get your comment today. Yeah I took a little break to work on some other projects and habit changes. I will be visiting your site soon and look forward to the changes. I am sure they will be great and showcase your amazing talent. I can’t agree with you more to be grateful for all that we have in our lives. Sometimes it’s all the little things we seem to forget that we have and how to appreciate them. Thank you for the reminder. Take care and see you soon.

  • So beautiful written and recognizable again Burton. When I did read your first sentence some bad, painful situations of losses I had in my life, crossed my mind. For me the trick is, not to stay in the panic I feel at that moment. Just allow myself to mourn for a while, cry for relief. For that is also important and a feel to listen to, to allow it to be there and an important first step, it liberates you, sets me free. But then indeed, I have to move forward, not stay in that grieve. No one has ever been helped by staying in a mood of self-pity.

    This is the moment when the heart comes in, it is the time to make the choice which direction I will go, exploring all new opened possibilities and enjoy that journey. And yes, whatever you use for getting information, books, internet or otherwise, to determine your new goal, always go for the one resonating best with your heart.

    The difficulty for me is though, I have certain responsibilities in life I can’t and won’t deny nor I want to. So this is where the mind comes in for me, to value the possibilities, to judge whether or not they are reachable at the moment. So I use my mind to select realistic options and then choose between them by heart.

    And of course, the one option I felt for the most, can be the option my mind won’t let me do, because of the other tasks in life. I just keep those in mind, see them as a long term goal, work on little steps to reach it in the mean time to keep it alive. Or change the ‘form’ of that option, for example to not see it as my dream job, but make it my favorite thing to do in spare time and make it important to spend time to do it. In that way, I listen to my heart and it satisfies me as well, no it doesn´t just satisfy me, it makes my heart grow indeed by experiencing the joy it brings as well as it shows me I did make the right choice. It also brings unexpected treasures, like friendships and it is all because I do and talk things I am passionate about, and I think it shows. Writing this down, makes me even more aware of it, it really works this way, I can feel it. You taught me this Burton, while we were corresponding about reaching dreams and I thank you for that.

    So, in the end that particular loss we felt when it happened, seems not to be a loss anymore, cause looking back makes us see it with our new eyes and heart and then we realize the situation we were in, wasn’t as good as we thought before the change. And the only way to make a success out of it, is to listen to our heart.


    • Dez,

      First and foremost I must say that what you have written above is outstanding and I truly hope others take the time to read it. There is a lot of wisdom in there as is in most of your comments. I believe all those negative feelings we have serve their purposes. The things we are challenged by really do help if we use them to learn from. Like you said, feel them and then move on.

      I think that for all of us there are things we want to do or would like to be doing that at this time we can’t do. It’s only human to deal with a lot of different desires. However, just writing them down or by looking at what we can do today to start getting there is a great way to nourish those desires and make the rest of what we are doing a little more exciting. As we do a little our capacity to do more opens up. I really liked that you mentioned the realistic options you have and just doing those. Before you know it the things you thought were unrealistic will become your reality.

      Lastly, you hit the nail on the head. That the losses we endure in life are really blessings if we choose them to be. That there are lessons in them that we could not have learned any other way. And with each lesson in life we gain more knowledge about what to do next time and inevitably become stronger. It’s all in how we use what we are given. Sorry for my late reply here and I cant thank you enough for always contributing your wisdom. You’re awesome.

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